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WAMBulletin - Water and Sanitation in the News 2015

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Bulletin 37, Volume 2: Marikana residents could stay, receive services Bulletin 38, Volume 2: Water affairs halts construction on sewerage pipeline Bulletin 39, Volume 2: More poo in the pipeline for Cape Town seas Bulletin 40, Volume 2: Cape water restrictions lifted

Bulletin 31, Volume 2: South Africa to build six new dams Bulletin 32, Volume 2: AfriForum cheers improved water quality in blue, green drop reports Bulletin 33, Volume 2: Midmar sewage pollution concern Bulletin 34, Volume 2: South Africa Risks Water Shortages as Drought Cuts Reserves Bulletin 35, Volume 2: South Africa May Force Municipalities to Budget for Water Bulletin 36, Volume 2: Economists See Water Crises as Greater Risk than Weapons, War, Disease

Bulletin 25, Volume 2: Is Your Utility Taking Advantage Of Data Analytics? Bulletin 26, Volume 2: Five reasons cities are key to solving climate change Bulletin 27, Volume 2: R250 million on polluted mine water Bulletin 28, Volume 2: Eskom Mulls Cutting Off Defaulting Municipalities Bulletin 29, Volume 2: Parliament on Water Challenges in Madibeng Bulletin 30, Volume 2: Water Crisis for Nelson Mandela Bay

Bulletin 19, Volume 2: Water leaks to cost Durban dear Bulletin 20, Volume 2: South Africa: Water and Sanitation Department Fails to Transfer 51.5 Percent of Funds Needed for Delivery Bulletin 21, Volume 2: Tech transfer key to Africa's water and sanitation Bulletin 22, Volume 2: This is a strange one: Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink in Africa Bulletin 23, Volume 2: Assessing Pipe Bursts and Non-Revenue Water Bulletin 24, Volume 2: Coca-Cola bottling company reduces water use by 70% over five years

Bulletin 13, Volume 2: Umbilo River contamination spreading Bulletin 14, Volume 2: Load shedding worsens Polokwane water shortages Bulletin 15, Volume 2: Produced Water Has High Benzene Levels, Report Says Bulletin 16, Volume 2: Climbing Higher for a Better View: Keys to Successful Water Management Bulletin 17, Volume 2: SA engineers condemn hiring of Cubans for water projects Bulletin 18, Volume 2: North West sewage endangers villagers' lives

Bulletin 7, Volume 2: South Africa's great thirst has begun Bulletin 8, Volume 2: Young engineers flock to DWS water academy Bulletin 9, Volume 2: Sewage sludge at Shongweni Bulletin 10, Volume 2: R381 Million to Address Water Shortage in Madibeng Bulletin 11, Volume 2: R9 Million Earmarked to Resolve Majakaneng Water Problems Bulletin 12, Volume 2: As South Africa grapples with a power crisis, experts warn that water supplies are the next challenge

Bulletin 1, Volume 2: E.coli threatens Blue Flag beaches Bulletin 2, Volume 2: Bill Gates drinks water distilled from human waste Bulletin 3, Volume 2: Johannesburg to save millions from water project Bulletin 4, Volume 2: Water treatment facility almost complete Bulletin 5, Volume 2: The benefits of reusing wastewater Bulletin 6, Volume 2: Progress made in supplying water to Mashonamini village

WAMBulletin - Water and Sanitation in the News 2014

Bulletin 7, Volume 1: Water trucks take over as communities run dry
Bulletin 1, Volume 1: World toilet day raises awareness about global lack of sanitation Bulletin 1, Volume 1: Water crisis warning for KZN Bulletin 2, Volume 1: Knysna Municipality removes redundant standpipes Bulletin 3, Volume 1: MIG Projects worth R20 million in progress Bulletin 4, Volume 1: Minister to Hand Over Water Project to Hopetown Community Bulletin 6, Volume 1: Cape Town commissions water works rehabilitation

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Municipal Assistant™ news from other sources

South Africa: Municipal Assistant system helps operation and maintenance of assets in municipalities (May 2011)

"The Drakenstein Local Municipality in Western Cape, South Africa, is using a new software system to get a better insight into assets management and the operation and maintenance status of six wastewater treatment plants serving 250,000 people. The Municipal Assistant™ computer programme helps engineers and process controllers to generate reports for political bosses on the quality of effluents being discharged into rivers and helps the municipality to track the status of hardware - especially when it may need replacement or repair."