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The Municipal Assistant™ is a software system that serves as a centralised databank and "digital" filing system with output modules to facilitate the MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATIVE and OPERATIONAL function of Water Care Works and all activities related to it.

Municipal Assistant™ System
Includes the following:

~Water Demand Module

~Fixed Asset Module

~Timesheets Module

~CRM Module

~Course presented for 2 Master Users (Mandatory)


~Course will span over 5 consecutive days

~The price of the course is based on whether it is being presented in Stellenbosch

~Course material will be provided

Municipal Assistant™ Courses
Course PresentedPrice pp (incl VAT)Details
MA™ Master User Course5 days in Stellenbosch (minimum 3 people)
MA™ Management Course1 day in Stellenbosch (minimum 2 people)
MA™ Refresher Course1 day in Stellenbosch (minimum 3 people)
Hydraulic Course1 day in Stellenbosch (minimum 3 people)

Municipal Assistant Blue Box

~Laptop with Microsoft Operating system and Microsoft Office

~Laptop bag and lock

~Global Positioning System (GPS)

~Digital Camera

~Electronic Literature (e-books) referencing to the Water Sector

~Source documentation referencing to the Water Sector

~Municipal Assistant™ System is installed and configured on the Laptop

~Municipal Assistant™ cap and stationery

Conditions of use:

~WAMTechnology CC takes no responsibility for after market support of the equipment,.

~Guarantees, warrantees and original packaging will be provided with products.

Information notes:

  • The prices are applicable to client based or projects executed within the border of the Republic of South Africa
  • Consulting firms and other African countries will be quoted on request.
  • Contact us for prices