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  • Staff functionality: Defining responsibility and ownership
  • Asset Assessments

  • Field visits to assess assets
  • Capture of data: Risk and evaluation of assets
  • Reporting: Provision of Asset audit and Asset photo report
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

    Setup and scheduling of maintenance on captured assets for the next financial year

    Process Drawings

    Layout Drawings

    Water Cycle Drawings

    Operational and Maintenance Manuals

    Operational and Maintenance manuals are compiled after an Asset Assessment has been completed.

    ~SITE and ASSET specific

    ~Compiled in conjunction and consultation with client

    ~Approved manuals are uploaded into the Municipal Assistant System

    ~Content of a typical Operational and Maintenance Manual:

  • Infrastructure
  • Inventory
  • Process details
  • Routine tasks
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Health and Safety
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring
  • Drawings
  • Municipality specific templates for inspections, etc.
  • Historical Data

    ~Capture Water Quality data: Per monitoring point

    ~Capture Reactive Maintenance

    ~Capture staff

    ~Capture literature

    ~Capture Supplies

    ~Capture Water Demand Information

    ~Capture Fixed Assets

    ~Capture Vehicle Information

    ~Capture Budgets

    ~Capture Stock and Spare Parts

    ~Capture WTW details: Includes Inspections

    ~Capture WWTW details: Includes Inspections

    Geographical Overview of Works

    Plotting of assets on a GIS platform

    Pipeline Profiler

    ~Profiling is done after a field visit

    ~Powerful reporting tool to manage operational functions

    ~Hydraulic information and calculations for operational use

  • Profile
  • Flows
  • Friction
  • Velocities
  • Overview
  • Calculate total friction headloss
  • Calculate total kl/day
  • Green Drop Assistance

    Assistance provided to clients to assist with the readiness for Green Drop Assessment done by DWA

    Blue Drop Assistance

    Assistance provided to clients to assist with the readiness for Blue Drop Assessment done by DWA

    Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    After installation and closure of a project, the sustainability within the organisation is of utmost importance

    We offer tailormade SLA's to our clients to get the full benefit from the Municipal Assistant System:

    ~Data integrity checking

    ~Data capturing

    ~IT support

    ~Attending meetings with management

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