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System Specifications

Type of system

The Municipal Assistant™ software system is a bespoke modular system and was developed using Microsoft technologies and is installed as a standard Windows client application (i.e. it is not a web-based system). Apart from the Windows operating system, no additional software licences are required, i.e. the Municipal Assistant software installs its own pre-requisites. The deployment options rely mainly on the types of network or internet connections available. If the pre-requisites are installed to each client workstation, the application files can be placed in a shared folder on a server (users will need read/write access to this folder).

Minimum Computer Requirements for Effective Utilisation of the Municipal Assistant™ System:

Platform: Standard PC with Windows 98, 2000, XP or on a network

RAM: 256MB

Hard-disc space: 400MB

MS Office: 2000+

Databases backup: 500KB to 2.5 MB (single button database backup function provided in the Municipal Assistant™).

Size of fully populated system: 1.0GB ( this is dependent on the number of photos and documents loaded into the system).

Zipped fully populated system: 80MB (approximate).

Installation options:

  • On Server (to be used by various users simultaneously, depending on the assigned users rights)
  • On standalone desktop or laptop (this type of installation can also be shared between users depending on the network configuration and sharing rights assigned to folders and linked computers)

  • Security and administration rights: The system allows for the creation of multiple users (each with an individual unique password) governed by a master administrator.

    Municipal Assistant™ Compliance and Standards

    Deployment and updates: Microsoft Access databases can be deployed and updated by copy and paste, as it is a file-based database management system. Thus no attaching and detaching tools are necessary.

    Licensing and software installation: Microsoft Access does not need to be installed on client computers in order for the software to operate correctly. Thus no Microsoft Office licenses need to be purchased and no additional software need be installed.

    Capacity: Microsoft Access is theoretically only limited by the hardware capabilities on the client computer. Although, it is not recommended to exceed 1GB in size for the entire database. Depending on the software design, one could make use of multiple small databases instead of one large database to overcome any capacity restrictions (if that should become a problem). Older data can also be archived and removed from the database. The Municipal Assistant is currently using 7 databases providing sufficient capacity for extensive data storing in the system.

    Backup: Microsoft Access databases are very easy to backup (e.g. copy and paste) and compress very efficiently (e.g. using WinZip, etc.). The Municipal Assistant provides the users with a single button backup facility which will backup all 7 databases and zip them together making distribution and sharing easy.

    SQL queries : Microsoft Access supports almost all ANSI-92 and Jet compliant SQL statements (incl. nest SQL, etc.).

    Integration with Microsoft SQL Server : Microsoft Access is highly compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and it is quite a simple process to share data between the two platforms (e.g. SQL Server DTS, etc.).